Microgrids & The Future Of Energy

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Since most of the world has taken electric lights, air conditioning, ubiquitous power outlets and so on for granted for several generations, it’s easy to forget that more than 1.5 billion people on the planet—about one person in five—still live without electricity.


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>Microgrids are also gaining in popularity in advanced countries. For one thing, they are viewed as a source of standby power in the event of natural disasters, like Japan’s 2011 Fukushima earthquake or the U.S. east coast’s Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The Sendai microgrid, located on the campus of Tohoku Fukushi University in Japan, had been built as a prototype in 2004, but received global attention when it continued to provide electricity to the campus after the 2011 earthquake, even as much of the surrounding area remained powerless.


For institutions like hospitals that must remain open 24/7 no matter what, emergency power has long been available in the form of standby diesel generators that kick on in the event of blackouts. But now, many of these facilities are designing other kinds of backup systems that have lower carbon footprints. For example, the new emergency-power generator at the Markham-Stouffville regional hospital in Toronto will be fueled by natural gas, now in abundant supply. While these are not full-fledged microgrids, they nonetheless take advantage of many of the technology breakthroughs that are allowing larger microgrids in sites like Tanjung Batu Laut.<


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Twitter Tip: Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With the Same Email Address – GroupTweet Blog

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Have you ever tried to signup for a second Twitter account using an email address that has already been used?  ….  Don’t worry the solution is easy.  The only thing you need is a Gmail address.

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This works!

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Scoop.It for SEO – A New World of Curation [Infographic]

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It’s the backbone, the nerve centre, as well as the driving force when it comes to the online world.

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Content Curation:  
>For almost everyone who is a part of the online world coming up with fresh content consistently is a big challenge. Practically every guideline that you refer to advices that content should be engaging, informative and relevant every single time and sometimes it can be hard to churn so much all the time.

Consequently, content curation has taken off in a big way. Simply put, content curation is the process of curating relevant and interesting content from various sources on the web and putting them together and publishing them on a personal site or blog. At this juncture, we’d also like to mention how important it is to cite your sources.

As a result of the popularity of the content curation process, a number of content marketing tools have been introduced. These tools are meant to help in the process of content marketing and SEO and facilitate the process of curation.<


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Natural landscapes: a sunrise moment

Banff Photography – Natural Landscapes – Winter



A classic scene from the glorious Canadian Rocky Mountains. I clambered down through waist-high snow to get to the river’s edge and make this photograph with a Nikon D90, tripod, polarizing filter and two-stop graduated density filter (to darken the sky). The shaft of sunrise light was an extraordinary bonus.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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