Energy in the World

Reflections on Energy

My own history and experience as an Engineer working in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry has taught me many lessons regarding our built environment, misconceptions and popularized belief, politics and codes, industry forces and other influences.

Energy is fundamental to everything in the physical world.  We often talk of embedded energy, when discussing materials.  This is the energy used to mine, harvest, refine, transport, produce, assemble and otherwise used to construct a finished product.  Some of this embedded energy can be recovered through recycling, reclamation, re-using, re-fitting or some other form of energy recovery which enables some to all of the embedded energy to be recovered.


Hello world!

Well… let’s jump in here with both feet. What’s happening now in my life, at least with my online activity. My personal life is a completely different drama, growing and unfolding, with what seems a lot of angst and challenges. However, I am currently employed full-time working at a poultry farm/hatchery in Greendale, and a full-time single father of a robust and time-consuming 15 year old young man.

The big start to my increase in online activity I will have to attribute to Empire Avenue, and the community they have developed. Many things that I have put off are now having to be done, if I want to stay in the game. So for that I am quite grateful that there is such a sophisticated venue available to help me in the realization of my own dreams.

To date, my content has been rather scant, mostly music I enjoy and the odd other video on some of my other interests. I would say that the main thrust of strategy has been to participate and meet the challenges as they come. Certainly getting a picture up and getting as many networks working quickly is a real boon to a fast start, also a creative and catchy short biography. Also participating in missions and buying shares are essential.

Other issues are coming up while I am doing this, some of them are not too difficult to overcome, however, they may take time. One thing that I am now discovering is that I am now pushing the limits of my current computer set-up. It is now time to configure one of my servers/workstations and get serious….. seriously.

I will add to this later, including more contact information. I apologize to anyone attempting to Link-in with me, I still have to complete that account more fully…. This is an evolving endeavour, and thank you to everyone.
With Gratitude,

Duane Tilden