Imagining the Supergrid: HVDC Loops for High Penetration of Renewable Energy | The Energy Collective

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The piecemeal way that the grid is being reinforced today is not compatible with a future supergrid incorporating renewable energy sources. This post examines an alternative layout for new HVDC connections for a future supergrid.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

The case for a supergrid is very sensibly made by several organizations, …

GW must be transmitted thousands of km) so that the aggregate reliability of wind and solar are greatly improved, because generators in different weather regions can share capacity.

Since weather systems are typically ~ 2500 km (~1500 miles) across, the supergrid does not begin to fulfill its potential until it is quite large, after many billions of dollars have been invested.

This factor is very much holding up practical movement towards a supergrid, and what we are currently getting instead is a patchwork of transmission upgrades that are economically inefficient point-to-point connections that will not later fit in as components of a future supergrid. …

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