UK government rejects current Severn tidal barrage plans

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Ministers say major changes must be made to the scheme if it is to be revived and given serious consideration

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

>Concerns over the impact of such a barrage on marine life played a major part in the rejection, with the government agreeing with MPs that better studies were needed to establish the effects on fish.

The response was: “It is for the developers to do the necessary work to prove that their design is ‘fish-friendly’ and will not jeopardise the UK’s obligations under the water framework directive and habitats directive. Such studies will need to take account of the wide variation in vulnerability of different fish species arising from to their different morphology, physiology and behaviour.”

The government said Hafren would need to provide much more detailed, credible evidence of the proposal, including a study of the environmental impacts and information on turbines, as well as information on allaying fears of flooding that could be worsened by any barrage. The coalition said it would consider the proposal further if this information was provided, but added that legal hurdles would mean the consortium’s current proposals were likely to be subject to delay.

Ministers reiterated their view that there should be no firm commitments of public financial support – in the form of the “strike price” of a premium for low-carbon power that has been confirmed for wind power and is expected soon for nuclear energy – for tidal barrage schemes until 2019 at the earliest.<

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