Energy Efficiency Key to Reducing Energy Waste and Consumption

Advocates say doing more with less power may be an even more critical weapon in the fight against climate change than renewable technologies.


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“Some people call energy efficiency low-hanging fruit. I would even say energy efficiency is fruit lying on the ground. We only need to bend over and pick it up.”

Realizing those energy savings would be a huge boon to the climate, ease illness-causing air pollution, reduce many nations’ reliance on fuel imports and increase competitiveness by lowering costs, the advocates say. It creates jobs in fields like upgrading buildings, and is generally cheaper than the alternative of constructing new power plants and buying more energy, they argue. […]”<

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1 thought on “Energy Efficiency Key to Reducing Energy Waste and Consumption

  1. Our COILPOD dust bag ( allows for “green” blowing out of dirty condenser coils for energy savings, reduced service calls, and prolonged equipment life. This cleaning task is very widely ignored.


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