Energy Efficiency – Modems, routers & black boxes

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Your high-speed modem and router—those little blinking boxes that you use to stream video and get email—could be eating up as much energy as your TV, and twice as much as your laptop. What a waste.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

How much energy does your cable modem consume?  Have you ever over-heated a router?

>At NRDC, we’ve worked with industry and government to help make home electronics more energy efficient, saving money for consumers and reducing carbon pollution from power plants. While we’ve made progress on cutting energy waste from televisions, computers, gaming systems and power supplies, until now, no one had looked at the energy use of devices like modems and routers.

It’s a good thing we did. There are 145 million of these small network devices in U.S. households. These seemingly insignificant little boxes are always on—and they consume more than $1 billion and 3 dirty coal power plants’ worth of electricity each year, according to a new analysis released by NRDC. […]<

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