Waste Heat Energy Recovery – ThermoAcoustic Refrigeration for Transportation Industry

Revisiting the Automotive ThermoAcoustic Refrigerator – ATAR

Diagram of Simplified ThermoAcoustic Engine

I wish to further investigate the idea of thermoacoustics for waste heat recovery processes.  Also, will in future look into latest developments in thermoacoustics, including any applications, studies, reviews or products and manufacturers.

In today’s new economy of energy efficiency, there are technologies available that are worth further investigation that can be utilized for improved performance.  Automotive air conditioning is one industry which could bear further scrutiny, where running compressors consume valuable fuel, decreasing the energy efficiency and increasing operating cost of a vehicle.

For professional drivers where fuel consumption increases will come out of pocket, the utilization of air conditioning is an important consideration.  The idea of using the waste heat in the exhaust system to provide the cooling energy necessary to provide air conditioning is a novel approach to improving vehicle efficiency and comfort.  The concept of thermoacoustic refrigeration is not new, and was previously reviewed by concerns of the ozone layer depletion and refrigerants, which ultimately lead to changes in the refrigeration and HVAC industries.

See original reference paper presented at 2005 Proceedings of Acoustics:  http://bit.ly/17qwTYK


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