UK Shopping Centre goes zero Waste to landfill in a year

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As a new member of the National Recycling Star scheme, Clifton Down Shopping Centre received the Gold award for its recycling and waste management efforts and in recognition of its success in diverting all of its waste from landfill.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

>The transformation in the centre’s waste management began with a full site audit to identify areas of poor practise within both its waste management and energy efficiency operations.  […]

As the shopping centre began to look at improving its waste management plan, it asked its tenants to start flat packing their waste cardboard, so it can be sent to the centre’s onsite compactor. Pre-flat packing waste cardboard has allowed the centre to double the amount of cardboard that can be collected by its waste contractor Smiths, while saving space in the services yard. This has cut the number of collections required, helping to save fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All general waste produced by the shopping centre is sent to New Earth Solution’s mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility at Avonmouth.

Clifton Down Shopping Centre has also been working to reduce its environmental impact by tackling its energy efficiency. New LED light fittings have been installed throughout the shopping centre, significantly reducing energy consumption and cost. The centre previously used old halogen lighting which consumed 14,994kW per annum, compared with the replacement LED lighting which consumes 2,998kW – an 80 per cent reduction. […]

The centre has also installed seasonal sensitive automatic doors at both entrances. These are programmed to close more quickly during winter months to minimise heat lose. This is switched during summer with doors remaining open for longer, allowing for cooler air to circulate the building. New electricity, water and gas monitors have been installed throughout the centre to measure consumption and identify areas of potential savings.<

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