Distributed resources: wave of the future?

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An IEEE Smart Grid survey conducted by consultancy Zpryme, titled “Power Systems of the Future: The Case for Energy Storage, Distributed Generation, and Microgrids,” and issued last month would appear to reflect a global interest—one might…

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

"More from the IEEE Smart Grid/Zpryme report on energy storage: top-rated benefits are meeting peak demand, improving power reliability and reducing costs. Hurdles: costs, deployment and a lack of standards. Lithium-ion will see the most demand over the coming five years. Respondents think North America will see the most growth in lithium-ion-based storage in that period. Where’s the money? Respondents think government-backed R&D, industry R&D and private/venture capital will provide it. (See last week’s column, "Electric Vehicles: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Part II," for a new public/private partnership on R&D for energy density in batteries.) "

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