Lessons in Energy Saving, a guest blog by Roger Hunt

>The energy saving measures are being retrofitted during a wider refurbishment project. They range from secondary glazing, draught-proofing and new energy efficient boilers to roof insulation, LED lighting and the installation of wood burning stoves. There are also low volume baths, dual flush cisterns and heat recovery systems in the bathrooms. Full details of the Buscot and Coleshill refurbishments and a short video can be found at the SuperHomes website.<

National Trust Places


If you live in an old house and you’re worrying about your fuel bills you’re not alone. The National Trust has also been thinking about how it can cut its energy costs and is keen to share its ideas and experiences. But what, you may ask, does your home have to do with the Trust’s grand houses that we flock to see? Maybe not much. That’s why the lessons it’s keen to pass on are from its ‘estate’ of some 5,000 much more ordinary properties that it lets out and which it’s upgrading and retrofitting to be more energy efficient.

Crucially, most of these buildings have solid walls so they fall into what’s often referred to as the ‘hard to treat’ category. They also have those ingredients beloved by estate agents: ‘character’ and ‘period features’. In other words they’re often exactly the same sort of property that you and…

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