Basic optimising building orientation for performance

Good article on how building orientation and geometry in the planning stages of design affects the energy efficiency, consumption and equipment sizing for heating, ventilation and cooling.

Building orientation plays a major role in the building envelop heat gain. A proper building orientation of the building will reduce the solar heat gain to your building and will make good use of day light as well. Hence it is important to consider the building orientation as well as material selection for the building envelop to optimise the building energy consumption. Maximum heat gain in the building is from the south façade/windows, hence the designers can also consider the extended shading devices in order to reduce the heat gain.

square shape

The plate size of the building also affects the building heat gain. If there is a building having the square plate size, the envelope surface area (peripheral area) will be minimum and if the building is having a long rectangular plate size, the envelop area will be larger. The larger surface area will lead to the larger heat gain in…

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