Taxes on top of gas taxes outrage Taxpayers Federation – British Columbia – CBC News

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The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is raising concerns about the level of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels B.C., saying drivers in Vancouver now pay the second highest taxes on fuel, after Montreal.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

>In B.C. the sales tax is calculated after the motor fuel tax, carbon tax and federal excise tax are added to the price of the fuel.

Those three taxes total 42 cents tax per liter in Greater Vancouver, 34 cents in Victoria, and 31 cents across the rest of B.C. – all before the GST is added on.<

DT:  Current gas prices in Vancouver translate to $5.50/gal US and $5.25/gal US in Chilliwack.  There are no incentives in place for governments who rely on fuel consumption for revenue to seek alternative energy modes for transport.

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