Sun Shade Help Efficient Energy Usage


The use of sun control and shading devices is an important aspect of much energy-efficient building design.

Shading devices can have a dramatic impact on building appearance.

The energy a building requires can be divided into two basic categories.

First, the energy needed so that a building can be used, to create a comfortable climate.

This means the production and control of heat, cold, light and air.

Second, the additional energy required, dependant on the use of the building such as to power computers and secondary equipment in office and administrative buildings, or for production machines on the factory floor.

Appropriate sun shading systems can significantly reduce the energy required to provide heating, cooling and light.

Control intense direct sunlight will ensure a comfortable workspace.

This is critical for occupant visual and thermal comfort and for minimizing mechanical cooling loads.

In sunny weather, solar heat gains through glazing can represent…

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