CHP: A new generation of renewable power technology

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Today, a new breed of CHP gen set ranging from micro- to large-scale multi-megawatt power sources is emerging. Most are transportable or built into shippingcontainers. Unlike solar and wind generators, their systems can make a lot more power with less real estate and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week every day of the year


Duane Tilden‘s insight:

There are some new generating systems running on biomass wood chips or pellets although they are not as popular as the defacto standard — natural gas powered sets. The fuels from biogas components can be reclaimed from farm products and landfills, proving economical by using the methane gas created from food product waste. 


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2 thoughts on “CHP: A new generation of renewable power technology

  1. It isn’t perfect, but natural gas is relatively clean. No particulate material, and it is readily available. Questions about the fracking techniques, but the biomass seems to have some unintended consequences in land use and particulate pollution. We need to figure a way out of the hydrocarbon sourced fuel.


  2. I agree, it seems that there is no one perfect fit or solution. Stack emissions have to be considered as you point out, and up here in the Fraser Valley Airshed where I live this is hotly contested. Even burning leaves in the rural areas is monitored.

    However, modern techniques are having to meet EPA standards, at least in North America. CHP will allow for capitalization of biomass waste sources, especially cellulosic, for power generation in remote areas, or for back-up power to Renewable Energy sources such as Wind and Solar. Also Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization for power.


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