[US Dept. of Energy] Federal Energy Management Program: Energy Management Guidance

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EERE » Federal Energy Management Program » Laws & Regulation

Energy Management Guidance

FEMP provides guidance on Federal laws and regulations to assist energy managers in complying with energy management requirements and goals. This section organizes FEMP guidance by the following subjects:

  • General Guidance for Facilities
  • Covered Facilities (EISA Section 432)
  • Sustainable Building Design and Operation
  • Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Advanced Metering
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy-Efficient Products
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Fleet Management
Duane Tilden‘s insight:

This webpage provides a comprehensive set of up to date links providing a wide range of Energy Management guidelines.  It is set up as a resource for Federal Agencies, thus is National in scope and covers a range of topics.  A useful nexus site for anyone in the industry of Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy, and professions/users/decision makers who rely on a reliable source of Government Agency information.  ~ DT

See on www1.eere.energy.gov


4 thoughts on “[US Dept. of Energy] Federal Energy Management Program: Energy Management Guidance

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  2. On the one hand I am glad there is some planning for energy management & efficiency, but on the other…it sure seems like a bureaucracy that is going to have trouble getting out of its own way. Small, efficient government agencies that don’t waste a ton of energy or cash just seem to be a dream.


    • Addressing issues on global or national scales requires some sort of head, or governing body to establish requirements and guidelines, rules, codes and the like. These build upon technical standards and research. These are then adopted and refined at local levels to work in conjunction with local codes, regulations and by-laws. Disseminating information can actively accelerate this process to the local levels by ensuring that the “powers that be” are looking in the right books, and using the correct references… it’s a start. All hail the internet… thanks for your comments Harold!


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