Student leaders want universal energy standards on Montana campuses

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The Montana University System could shave tens of thousands of dollars off its utility costs by making energy upgrades to its buildings and investing the savings back into projects aimed at further efficiency, a recent study suggests.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:
  • “While researching the SBI, they came across a Montana code passed by the Legislature in 2009. It directs state agencies, including the university system, to adopt high-performance building standards when new state buildings are constructed, or when major renovations take place.”
  • “The standards call on agencies to optimize energy performance and enhance indoor environmental quality. They also direct agencies to conserve natural resources and cut energy costs.”
  • “But four years after the code was adopted, the state has not agreed upon a universal high-performance building standard. The lack of such guidance — good for all state buildings, including those at public universities — has student leaders and other proponents frustrated.”
  • ”To the layman, the array of standards appear similar in their goal to make efficiency a way of life in taxpayer-funded buildings across Montana. Yet the rating systems differ, however slightly, and state officials haven’t agreed on which standard agencies should follow.
  • “There’s a number of high-performance building standards being proposed and used,” Javins said. “There’s been a series of (state) meetings to develop the administrative rules so they can enact that 2009 legislation.” “

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