Smart Grid: Solar gets a $29 million shot in the arm from DOE

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Smart Grid – The Energy Department announced a $29 million investment in four projects to advance solar energy.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

"…$21 million investment will be used over five years to design plug-and-play photovoltaic systems that homeowners can purchase, install and make operational in one day. "


"The price of solar panels has fallen dramatically in recent years, but we also need to reduce the cost and time required to actually install them in homes and businesses, and help utility companies better integrate renewable energy into the grid." said Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Grid: Solar gets a $29 million shot in the arm from DOE

    • Hi Harold, yes as most manufacturing processes and industries go there is no other country that does it bigger these days than China. Some of the sizes of their factories are gi-normous! Of course they do not have the same regulatory requirements, and there is a much larger work-force, etc.

      That being said, as it has also been reported, the price of these PV products will continue to drop in price and become more commonly available. You will be able to run your heat pump completely for free, with all your hot water and maybe even hot tub or pool connected hooked in.


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