Electric heaters – a way of storing excess renewable power? – 100% renewable – Renewables International

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Germany apparently still has 1.4 million electric heaters spread across roughly 40 million households, putting the percentage of electric heating at around 3.5 percent. Nonetheless, RWE estimates that these electric heaters could add the equivalent of around 10 gigawatts of pumped storage – equivalent to an eighth of peak German power capacity and a sixth of peak demand on a normal workday.
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3 thoughts on “Electric heaters – a way of storing excess renewable power? – 100% renewable – Renewables International

  1. The heat pump arrangement mentioned in the article is most interesting. That would allow not only for hot water, but also for cooling or heating the home with the excess solar generated electricity. If the water heater was looked at as 1 system with the climate control much efficiency could be gained.


    • I agree Harold, that a heat pump arrangement is better. If you have a heat pump, which is preferred for climate control, the waste heat from the cooling cycle can be used to pre-heat the hot water and gain efficiency. However it that is the case then using a water to water heat pump to generate both hot and chilled water is more efficient than an electric hot water heater due to the COP, and thus would be eliminated as it would not be used.


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