8 Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Social Media Portfolio

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Social media continues to grow in popularity yet over the years countless big time social networks have disappeared from the Internet.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

Here are eight reasons you should never put all your social networking eggs in one basket:

1. Content Ownership

Most social network users think that they own the content they post on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but that isn’t really the case. […]


3. Copyright Violations

If copyright issues are a concern for you, you’re not alone, as most people are in violation of some social network policy they could get theoretically banned […]


4. Constantly Changing Algorithms

Social networks like Facebook use algorithms to help determine what content users see. The evolution of Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm is a great example of fundamental changes to a social network that can upset and confuse a user base. […]


7. Acquisitions

Acquisitions are another great reason to be wary of spending too much time and effort on any social network, especially smaller ones. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google are known to make auqui-hires which are acquisitions of smaller startups for their products and team. […]

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