Smart Grid: Put away your tinfoil hats. Texas study proves smart meters can’t exert thought control

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Smart Grid – The results of a study released by the PUC of Texas is sure to get a thumbs down from smart meter opponents there. Read the story to find out why.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

[…] the study was conducted in response to smart meter opponents who complained about EMF causing a range of health problems, invasion of privacy issues and more.


[…] a continuing smart meter backlash has been going on for the past few years in several states. And you may recall, a Texas woman pulled a handgun on a utility worker in July of last year to prevent him from installing a smart meter at her home.


[…] as the report’s executive summary concludes, "Smart meters are not intended for, are not designed to, and do not have the capability to harm an individual or direct a person’s thoughts or actions."

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