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World Energy Consumption Energy costs have steadily risen over the last decade and are expected to carry on doing so as consumption grows worldwide.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

"…96% of participating (large) businesses indicated that they had started implementing energy-saving measures. Moreover, when asked about their motivations to reduce energy consumption, respondents cited “reduce energy costs” as their most important driver." | "Businesses can save energy when relying on renewable energy. One efficient way is to install biomass production of space or process heating." | "Major savings can also be realized when businesses start relying on onsite solar and wind power." | "Building control plays an important role in industrial energy-efficiency…. By deploying effective building controls, consumption can typically be reduced by up to 30%." | "Having identified the most important areas of energy-saving potential is a first step towards greener and more energy-efficient businesses. However, the turn towards energy-efficiency still is a challenge, as it involves vast investment sums. …"

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6 thoughts on “Enabling Business Energy Efficiency | The Energy Collective

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  2. There really needs to be a branding initiative that can help consumers understand the business that are making improvements in this space. That would allow folks to vote with cash to encourage businesses.


    • There is room for a lot of work in this area Harold, typically it is quite slow to get governments and industry together to agree on standards. Also education is required as a lot of people just are not aware of the issues and the possible solutions. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is currently developing ISO 50001 – Energy management for utilization and deployment in industrial/business practice internationally.


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