» Combined Heat and Power for Commercial Buildings Pike Research

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Fuel Cell, Engine, and Turbine Technologies for Cogeneration in Commercial, Institutional, and Municipal Buildings: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Commercial combined heat and power (comCHP) systems, which are small to medium distributed energy generation systems that produce electricity while also capturing heat that would otherwise be treated as waste, are garnering increased interest from policy makers, utilities, and building owners in a growing number of countries. …

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

"Key Questions Addressed:

What is the size of the global market opportunity for commercial CHP systems?Which countries offer the most attractive opportunities…"

Combined with recent developments in grid technologies and tie in to utilities, CHP is an attractive option worth exploring.  Improvements in energy efficiency & utilization, as well as resiliency in providing grid support and back-up resources.


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6 thoughts on “» Combined Heat and Power for Commercial Buildings Pike Research

    • Hi Aurora,
      My most successful HVAC designs involved using heat pumps distributed through-out a building, utilizing pumped water as the heat source or sink. The ability to put energy back into a system is a game changer, and something that has prevented such electrical highly efficient power and renewable technologies from becoming viable. Emerging smart distributed grid systems and the other technologies, such as solar, wind and CHP could be what a complete change as to how we view powering the grid.


      • Again, Awesomeness. I know little of this area but anything that is natural and viable deserves support. Wishing you much success and a prosperous 2013 🙂


  1. Duane, my team engineer Aki Töyräs have just completed his diploma work “Renewable energy at holiday resort business” CHP is one topic on the diploma research. It is estimated that consumers/ house owners will rapidly buy CHP etc equipments if they can sell tarif to local energy producer. City of Oulu is one of the city, which is innovating a new big green project called RESCA – which is a new cleantech city project. All green – take a look! http://www.resca.fi/


    • Hi Markku, thanks for the link. I would say that CHP is definitely part of a bigger puzzle. The ability to grid-tie and sell back excess power changes the economics of CHP, although there may be a practical limit. And of course a reliable supply of methane (Natural Gas) is necessary, which may not be available to certain districts.


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