The Business of Energy Management

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When we look back on 2012, most of us will likely remember it as a year of extreme weather. In the summer particularly, record heat and drought coupled with a struggling economy had consumers doing all they could to find ways to save on energy.

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

# One of the most powerful tools does not have to be a piece of technology, but a strong management system. Companies should consider centralizing their data and creating incentives. |

# Alternative energy can also help in managing unpredictable energy prices. In the cost-conscious world of business, making these investments can be challenging in the face of the competitive business case process.  We have found success in these deals by combining financial variables – areas with high electricity rates and available financial incentives – with funding mechanisms like a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – to create steady electricity cost models that are competitive with current rate structures. | 

John Schinter is energy director for AT&T.


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