Data Centers: Five Steps to an Energy Efficient IT Environment | ZDNet

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By David Chernicoff for Five Nines: The Next Gen Datacenter |December 7, 2012 — 16:46 GMT (08:46 PST)

Starting small can provide large benefits…


“Earlier this week I received an email from the PR firm for the Green Grid with this intriguing title. … a generic overview of steps that can be taken to improve your IT efficiency. “


“Three Simple Steps to Improve the Energy Efficiency of IT.”


1. Put all the pieces back

Close up the tiles, replace panels in the rack, and close up areas that should be closed and open areas that should be open. When you mess with the airflow in your datacenter I can guarantee that the end results will be a higher expenditure to keep the facility at the proper temperature. ….


2. Turn stuff off


3. Consolidate


“Now for those of you who want the higher level view that the Green Grid is providing in this case, here are their steps:

1. Calculate Your PUE. …

2. Keep It Cool.  …

3. Virtualization.  …

4. The Powers That Be.  …

5. Future Forward: Carbon and Water.  …





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