TULSA, Okla.: Tulsa’s Guthrie Green ‘Central Park’ by SWA Group Catalyzes Urban Regeneration in Growing Oklahoma Town | Business Wire | Rock Hill Herald Online

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Former truck facility reborn as 2.7-acre park and music concourse with innovative geotherm energy to heat/cool adjacent arts buildings


“Early in the design, the team conceived of installing a ground-source heat pump system under the park. Consisting of 120 wells drilled to 500 feet depth, the “geo-exchange” system generates 600 tons (7.2 million BTUs/hour) of heating/cooling distributed via underground pipes to serve 120,000 square feet of nearby non-profit users as well as Guthrie Green’s cafe pavilion and bathrooms. Photovoltaic panels on the pavilion roof supply power for the heat pump system. The system enables 60% reduction in energy demand, with investment payback in five to seven years. The concept won the project a $2.5 million ARRA Stimulus Grant and other state/local funding.”



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