Hello world!

Well… let’s jump in here with both feet. What’s happening now in my life, at least with my online activity. My personal life is a completely different drama, growing and unfolding, with what seems a lot of angst and challenges. However, I am currently employed full-time working at a poultry farm/hatchery in Greendale, and a full-time single father of a robust and time-consuming 15 year old young man.

The big start to my increase in online activity I will have to attribute to Empire Avenue, and the community they have developed. Many things that I have put off are now having to be done, if I want to stay in the game. So for that I am quite grateful that there is such a sophisticated venue available to help me in the realization of my own dreams.

To date, my content has been rather scant, mostly music I enjoy and the odd other video on some of my other interests. I would say that the main thrust of strategy has been to participate and meet the challenges as they come. Certainly getting a picture up and getting as many networks working quickly is a real boon to a fast start, also a creative and catchy short biography. Also participating in missions and buying shares are essential.

Other issues are coming up while I am doing this, some of them are not too difficult to overcome, however, they may take time. One thing that I am now discovering is that I am now pushing the limits of my current computer set-up. It is now time to configure one of my servers/workstations and get serious….. seriously.

I will add to this later, including more contact information. I apologize to anyone attempting to Link-in with me, I still have to complete that account more fully…. This is an evolving endeavour, and thank you to everyone.
With Gratitude,

Duane Tilden


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